Our Business

Advancing the potential of manufacturing
for the industries that we serve around the world.

Total engineering for tube and pipe fabrication
Tube Machinery Division
World-class technologies for heat exchanger manufacturing
OKA Division
Non-destructive measurement technologies
Measurement Device

Tube Machinery Division

COMCO's total engineering technologies
for "Bending", "Cutting", "End forming" and "Finishing"

COMCO provides total engineering pipe processing solutions.
We develop, design and manufacture pipe benders, end formers and pipe cutters with our original technologies.
COMCO machines combine high precision, reliable production use, long life, safety and user friendly ease of operation.

COMCO machines are available for every tube and pipe fabrication process.

These fabricated tubes and pipes are used in a wide variety of industries producing industrial and commercial products from automotive to electronics to furniture and many others.
COMCO TM division supports every phase of tube and pipe manufacturing from development to mass production systems for bending, forming and cutting the universe of tube and pipe products that are used in thousands of consumer and industrial products.

  • システム設計
    System Design
    Space efficient automated systems
  • 特殊専用機
    Dedicated Machines
    Custom engineered machineries
    for special purpose fabrication processes.

OKA Division

Technologies for "High precision" and "High quality"
produced at "High speed"

COMCO OKA Division has total engineering capability for thin aluminum materials roll forming, automatic assembly and inspection systems for heat exchanger production lines.

  • EGR Cooler

  • Battery Cooler

  • Evaporator

  • Heater Core

  • Radiator

  • Condenser

  • Inter Cooler

Leading Technologies for Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Systems

COMCO OKA Division provides total engineering technologies for production lines of heat exchangers such as car air conditioner, radiator, heater, inter cooler, EGR and battery cooler.
Innovation is an essential element in every COMCO product, process and manufacturing system.

  • 他の熱交換器
    Other Heat Exchangers
    Production lines for non-automotive room and
    roof top HVAC air conditioning, water heating,
    EcoCute and others.
  • 特殊専用機
    Custom Machines
    COMCO’s Machinery Design team can
    design special purpose machines
    for special applications.

Measurement Device

Innovative Non-destructive Measurement

Measure and create images of the outside and inside of parts without altering them for the measurement process.
Non-contact Computed Tomography X-ray scanning creates images that can be manipulated and section-sliced repeatedly without deformation of the original part.

X-ray CT Scanner
Compact CT Scanning technology at an affordable investment cost.