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Vision 2020

COMCO will be a company that is both globally oriented and adapted to the cultures, values and business practices of our overseas local markets.

Principles for Realizing Our Mission

“COMCO will aim to be the world's only engineering company with special highest technologies for tube fabrication and heat exchanger manufacturing”.
Build Group-Company Foundation
COMCO will allocate and manage our Corporation's financial, human and facilities resources to address a global customer base.
COMCO will build a company that can be successful and grow in both global and domestic markets.
Business Development
Vertical Axis Expansion of COMCO's Business Areas. COMCO will expand the scope of our existing business capabilities and products to include new capabilities and products to which our core technical capabilities can be applied.
COMCO will seek and develop synergies with new markets that will become new and additional foundation pillars of COMCO Corporation's future.
Development of Oversea Business
Horizontal Axis Development of COMCO's Global Businesses. COMCO will establish a global company infrastructure that effectively markets, services and manufactures our products worldwide.
COMCO will develop products and capabilities that target and suit the regional needs of local overseas markets.

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