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Date Description
Mar. 1965 OKA INDUSTRIES, Ltd. was established in Japan, to manufacture and sell automotive welding equipment
Apr.1984 Development of automatic serpentine benders
Aug.1984 Development of U bend insertion machine for residential air conditioner
Mar. 1985 Development of tank caulking machine for radiator
May 1985 Development of aluminum automobile radiator production lines to become a primary supplier of manufacturing process equipment.
Dec. 1988 Development of heat exchanger production lines for residential air conditioner
Nov. 1990 Joint development of multi-flow condenser production lines
Apr. 1996 COMCO CO., Ltd. began marketing activities as a specialist manufacturer of tube processing equipment centering on CNC benders.
Feb. 1997 Development of tube production systems "Tube Mills" using a new production method
Aug. 2002 A holding company was established through the transfer of stock from OKA INDUSTRIES, Ltd. and COMCO CO., Ltd.
Dec. 2002 Establishment of COMCO EUROPE s.r.o. in Praha, Czech Republic
Sept. 2003 Establishment of COMCO USA, Inc. in Chicago, U.S.A.
May 2004 Establishment of a representative office of OKA INDUSTRIES, Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
Apr. 2006 The representative office in Shanghai was incorporated to Shanghai OKA-COMCO, Inc.
May 2007 Establishment of COMCO (ASIA) CO., LTD. In Bangkok, Thailand
Dec. 2007 The name of holding company has changed to COMCO HOLDINGS INC.
Mar. 2008 OKA INDUSTRIES Ltd. And COMCO CO., Ltd. were merged into a new company, COMCO CORPORATION
Mar, 2009 A new plant was built to expand production capability.
Aug. 2012 Establishment of CREADS ASIA PACIFIC CO. LTD., in Bangkok, Thailand
Apr. 2014 Establishment of Jingyan Trading Inc. in Shanghai, China

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